Gel Blast Games – innovative fun for today

July 26, 2022by AFC

Innovation always offers us more options in our lives and the new Gel Blast Games are no exception.

Gel Blast Games
Fun for the whole family

Gel Blast Games are an extremely low impact version of airsoft where kids (of all ages) can experience the fun and excitement of paintball or airsoft without the sting of the shot.  The ammo is actually water based orbs that do not leave a stain and super friendly for the environment.

Some people describe Gel Blast games as an upgrade to Nerf.  The operation of the equipment is super easy as it is (rechargeable) battery powered and can shoot continuous orbs by holding the blaster trigger.

One of the coolest elements of Gel Blast games is the variety of ages that can play.   It is not uncommon to see a grandparent battling it out alongside their 5 year old grandchild.  Those memories created for both the adult and child are priceless.

Gel Blast is an extremely safe activity.  The low impact orbs feel similar to a lightweight rubber band.  Eye protection is required of course and there are many options for comfortable eyewear.   Appleland Fun Center offers a pull down face shield as well just to make it more comfortable for the players.

There are many types of Gel Blasters.  The best options are produced by a company in Texas called GellyBall.   They have the most efficient and safe charging systems, keeping the equipment running and the action rolling!

Many facilities are starting to offer Gel Blast parties as an option to expand their adventure fun. Cousins Paintball is paintball and airsoft company that recently added Gel Blast Parties as an answer for the younger generation that is not ready for paintball.  Appleland Fun Center is the newest venue in Virginia to bring this fun game to the community.