Thursday Night Lights: What’s it all about??

November 9, 2022by AFC

Frederick County is getting colder. A lot of our outdoor activities have shut down, or are in the process of shutting down. Want something new, different and exciting to do on these crisp Thursday nights? Check out this video showcasing our Thursday Night Lights! : Appleland Promo Video


Appleland Fun Center is literally lighting up Thursday nights for us. So instead of going home and binging Netflix, grab a friend and come out to have fun. You can also get some much needed exercise. From 7:00 to 10:00 PM come out, get competitive, and leave your troubles behind. This is the perfect solution for Seasonal Affective Disorder, or as we know it the Fall/Winter Blues.  Playing releases dopamine and serotonin by increasing motion, and releasing adrenaline.  Playing on teams to reach a common goal also helps with building critical thinking skills, and communication skills. You will leave feeling accomplished and exhausted. Oh, and Football fans, don’t stress, we will have the games on too!

What is Laser Tag?

5 Reasons Late Night Laser Tag is a Must-Do

During the 1970’s the army used infrared laser beam guns and corresponding sensors for tactical training. In 1979 the first toy was released to the public to promote Star Trek The Motion Picture. The first Laser Tag Dome was built in 1982, and since then it has become an amazing national tactical sport for all ages. Over the past 40 years or so, laser tag has made many advances. Today, it’s an easy and fun way to get out and take a break from the real world…almost like a real-life video game. To learn more about the history of Laser Tag check out this site.

With indoor and outdoor spaces popping up all over the country, Appleland is proud to offer an outdoor Fall and Winter activity for Frederick County. Not just any activity either, one that will positively impact your health while reducing screen time. Also, it is just fun!

Check out our facebook   and our website for more information, or just show up on Thursday at 7:00 PM!

*Thursday night lights include student discounts for Laser Tag and our “Leilo” drinks (must be 18 and over to purchase).